Info for parents:
Have you ever been sitting with your
children somewhere, when one (or more)
of them begins to misbehave?
Now you can!

To start, you'll set up an account with your
e-mail address, a password, and your
children's first names. (Note, last names
are never displayed.)

Once you register, you'll be given a
special link you can use at any time to 'let
Santa know' about the good/bad status of
one of your children.

The cost for this service?
Only 99 cents per family!
(Christmas is coming! Register now!)

Now you can SHOW your child the
consequences of their behavior... within
minutes of said behavior.

Register today!
... then head home,
log in, and show
them how THEIR
NAMES are now on
Santa's BAD list..
What if you could
take out your
'make a note'...